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Morocco 5: Chaoen & Rif Mountains & Oued Laou

Brian and John were in full-on allergy mode, two months earlier than their Canadian bodies were prepared for, so before leaving Fes, I bought them some Arabic Aerius that made them both either high, or fall asleep. Gaby and I were fine, so we stayed alert in the car and head for Chefchaouen, the Blue City.

The first view of the city was spectacular, it almost looked like it was shimmering, with all the blues and whites of the architecture.


From the inside of the city.


Getting these guys to pose for me was easy/hard. There are about twenty shots to get just one. I like this one because I remember what happened right before and after- and I love that John is wearing gold on blue, and that Gaby was eating a sandwich, and that Brian just looks really cute.


These pigments were everywhere, and I regret not bringing some of the Majorelle blue back with me, although I can only imagine what a disaster it would have been if it had spilled in my suitcase. That colour still catches me off guard when I come across it in these photos. It’s stunning.


Day two in these parts, we took off for a hike in the Rif Mountains.

bo-rifmountains We hiked, it was HOT. And beautiful.

4ofus-rifFrom our hike we headed to another Lonely Planet recommended restaurant and had the best meal of our trip on a patio. It was so perfect. This photo does not do it justice, because I was too busy eating to capture it, but it was beautiful and delicious.


On day three in those parts, we headed to Oued Laou, to the Mediterranean Sea. We walked along what felt like an abandoned boardwalk in the heat of the middle of the day, and then ate fish seaside. Another fresh and delicious meal.


It was so hot.

mediterraneansea-jhgm At the end of the day we skipped dinner, ate ice cream bars and drank tea while watching the sun go down and listening to the call to prayer – where about seven mosques overlapped each other. I took a voice memo on my phone because the auditory experience was so overwhelming and unique, I could never describe to you in words what it sounded like:


The last night view from Chaoen. Le sigh.




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