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Laundry Day in Penticton, BC

On the road just eight days and it’s time to do laundry already. I have a small orange suitcase that fits so little, I’m astounded I have enough clothing to get me through even eight days. Somehow I had what I needed for California, and also for chilly Penticton, BC where I am right now. This morning, Caroline and I found ourselves in the unlikeliest of working environments at the Go Fresh Laundromat. It’s a big, bright room, with art all over the walls and giant tables to work on (or where you fold your laundry.) It was easy place to spend two hours, laundering, emailing, drinking coffee and hanging with my best friend Caroline. Touring is weird, because you end up doing things you would never do in the town where you live. I worked from a laundromat today and it filled my heart. Caroline bought art from the wall. I kind of want to go back tomorrow.

We snapped this picture whilst waiting for our underwear to dry.

laundry, penticton

Try something weird in your hometown today. It feels good to end up somewhere you’ve never thought to exlpore.

November 17 2015

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