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Watching TV & Quitting Netflix

I may be nailing the final nail in my antisocial crate, but the benefits I’m feeling far outweigh the drawbacks so I’m gonna preach.

I quit Netflix.

Enter Kerri into 2017, the year I experimented eliminating everything from my life.

What lead to me quitting Netflix:

- Reading Marie Kondo’s book about getting rid of things that don’t spark joy.

- My credit card statements, and seeing that 9.99 monthly fee every single month.

- time wastage to a gross degree

- using TV as company, instead of being social

- using TV reruns to cope with grief and stress

- I wrote a song called “Watching TV” about how I had slowly but surely let this automatic noise into my house and brain as an escape from reality

- realizing that I could quote the first four seasons of West Wing by memory, and realizing there are better things to do with my brain than memorize TV shows – like, say, learn a language, or memorize lyrics to songs.

What had to line up and be addressed before I cancelled Netflix: 

I needed Brian to be on board with the decision to nix Netflix, not by peer pressure, but by pure facts that there was more to life than watching TV.

- this meant showing Brian that I wasn’t saying no to TV for life, just automatic subscription TV.

- I needed to demonstrate to Brian that Netflix had become filler for us. If we were more mindful about the programs we watched instead of being spoon-fed whatever Netflix offered, we would feel more in charge of our spare time.

- I needed to show Brian that if we wanted a specific TV show we could just buy it / rent it from a different platform

- I reminded Brian of our early days/nights together when we used to listen to music before bed and never watch TV and finding romance in those habits again.

Some interesting findings (interesting to me anyway):

I realized I could read an entire TV season synopsis in about 25 minutes, not 12 hours of dedicated TV watching time if I “needed to know” how a storyline ended.

I’ve watched enough television to last three lifetimes. I don’t regret the hours I’ve watched, but I do regret the hours I’ve rewatched, and the hours I’ve allowed someone else’s storyline to trump my own, and the hours of distraction I’ve allowed myself instead of dealing with difficult situations in front of me. I don’t regret quoting Arrested Development, and being able to list my top 10 dramas / comedies/ movies or tv shows. I don’t regret growing up with the Simpsons, the shared inside jokes with friends about those shows.

But I am ready to let it go for now, and use TV and movies as a way to unwind one hour a week, instead of 4 hours a day. I am faced (as we all are) with the daily reminder that life is short and there is so much I want to do with my mind, hands and body, and TV just doesn’t fit into my plan for me anymore.

If I am truly serious about anything I want to do, make, see or create, I have to get off my ass, out of my head and into the world.

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