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On the Road to Mistaken Point

Brian knows when we go on a drive somewhere beautiful, that he’s not only asking me to join him, but he’s also asking my Canon D60 camera to come along for the ride. How can I leave the house without it? This province is just asking to be photographed and shared with the world. It’s no wonder people vacation here: the coast line, the history, the rocky-ruggedness and the awesome people. It’s not like any other part of Canada. You should come see for yourself.

We took off for a drive on the Irish Loop toward Trepassy: a town neither of us had ever been. We weren’t sure what kind of trip it would be, but it turned out to be a leisurely drive, a picnic and photography visit to the beautiful Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve. In two hours of driving toward we saw, maybe,  four other cars and trucks on the road. We were able to stand in the middle of the road for quite a while setting up this shot thanks to the low volume of traffic.

IMG_1176 - Version 2

The little lakes around the province are gently surrounded by these little cabins where people head to on the weekends to hang out, fish, play and relax. I love how they look, and I wished we owned one! I drove down a rough rocky road to snap this photo while Brian took a phone call from work. It was early May, and a dumb move to drive down that little road. We were almost stuck down there until a car drove by to haul us out. I drove so fast out of there, leaving a wheel dent in the wet gravel and promised myself I wouldn’t be so foolish the next time I wanted to take a photo. It was sort of worth it though to see this little cabin up close.

IMG_1178 - Version 2

When we got to Trepassy (or Portugal Cove South, I can’t remember) we turned left onto this narrow gravel road with signs on both sides of the road warning us to hug the road on the left, as coastal erosion might cause us to fall into the ocean. We drive an Elantra, so we weren’t too worried about the narrowness of the road. Still, we drove 20km/h until the road widened. What I love the most about Newfoundland is the lack of guardrails blocking the views. It makes the trip along a road like this even more exciting and beautiful and it’s just asking people not to be idiots and fall into the angry sea below.

IMG_1187 - Version 2

I also enjoy these little drives out of town before tourist season really gets going here. There’s very little traffic, and only a hardy few people exploring what we’re exploring – and we love that kind of thing. Of course the downside is most of the touristy stuff isn’t open yet (restaurants, info booths, guided tours) so we weren’t able to take the guided tour to see the fossils at Mistaken Point. But we could wander around and see the stunning vistas in relative privacy. This was one of my favourites.

IMG_1183 - Version 2

If you’re going to be in St. John’s or are planning a trip on the Irish Loop, I recommend the trip to the Reserve. If you want more information about visit this webpage about: Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve.


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