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Lazy Weekends = Full Reboot

After a full steam ahead September 1-8th, the long dreary, grey rainy weekend was exactly what we needed. We didn’t ask for it, we didn’t think we wanted it. But it came anyway and we took our cue from the sideways rain showering our house for two days straight.

I love the rain, I do. I love how it sounds and how it magnifies the greens in my backyard. I like watching it wash away the mud on my deck, and clean the bugs off my car headlights. I like that it requires an entire outerwear turnover if you want to go be outside in it.

I love the rain, but for years I’ve let it thwart my efforts for healthy living, I’ve allowed it to slow me down and I’ve succumbed to its seductive and sleepy lull – the grey keeps me in pyjamas; the rain keeps me under my comforter; the timelessness of wall to wall, morning to night grey sky makes me forget about the outside world that needs me to get up, eat well, exercise, and carry on anyway.

But this weekend the grey day and relentless rain forced my love and I to slow the eff down and spend some much needed time together on the couch, talking and laughing, intermittently reading and falling asleep on the couch, and treating our little home like the cottage getaway we both need and desire it to be.


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