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January Cure Over!

Reaping the Rewards
My house feels great. It’s clean, it’s tidy… I unearthed so much forgotten and unnecessary junk and tossed it away – it feels wonderful. We finally bought a new bed that’s being delivered this week so our spare room will have an actual bed in it! In about three weeks my bandmates and best friends are playing a show in my new hometown and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m so stoked to have them as my houseguests again (they were here a mere two weeks after we took possession of the house when it was still half in boxes and disarray) so they can see what’s been going on in here since they last visited. I never knew I would get such a kick out of hosting my best friends, but clearly I was meant to own a home and to have a revolving door of visitors. For a strange, hermit-y person like myself, it’s surprising how much I love having people around.



Assignment #10 – One Drawer At a Time
My sock and underwear and bra drawers are organized to the point of obsession now. I loved doing this so much I did Brian’s drawers too, though I know they won’t stay clean for long. He gets dressed in the dark and everything goes haywire when a man gets dressed in the dark.

Assignment #11 –  Bedroom Blast
Done! Honestly, this one is easy for me. Our room is small, and I clean it for 5 minutes every day so this was a mindless task.

Assignment #12 – Media Fast
Did it! But I’m getting REALLY good at boundaries like this!

Assignment #13 – Cabinet Cleanout – Bathroom
It’s funny that I missed this assignment, because I did it anyway, because it desperately needed doing.

Assignment #14 – Create a Clutter Filter (Landing Strip)
Still going strong from last year. This works well for us and has for four years. The next step for me is to improve the design of the entryway. I think we could spiff it up next year and make it look swankier than it does. However, for now, it’s clean, it’s functional, and it still looks pretty great.

Assignment #15 – Closet Cleanout
I must have internalized the January Cure, or studied it in my sleep, because although I didn’t get this email either, I instinctively tidied our two tiny closets upstairs last week.

Assignment #16 – Show Your Living Room Some Love

Assignment #17 – Catchup Day 
Not really, since I had 10 days to fit into 5!

Assignment #18 – Mental Clutter Cleanup 
I got home from tour and dug right in. I cleaned the kitchen, Brian cleaned the bathroom while I tossed old sunscreen and expired hair products and bought new metal bins to house all our bathroom bits and bobs. Our bedroom is a pretty simple room (bed, nightstands, one dresser) and it takes no time to tidy: make the bed, clean under the bed and behind the dresser and put clothes away. The bedroom feels great, and I’m ready to start playing with designs to make it cooler.

Assignment #19 – Bathroom Blast
Brian did this!

Assignment #20 – Last Lap: Empty Outboxes

Our big project is a team effort. We have four rooms upstairs – decently sized but small because our house is 80 years old. The room beside our bedroom is our office/music room; beside that is the official spare room, and next to that is the “crib room” that we’ve made into our walk in closet. It’s a small square room, and since the closet space in here is limited (again, old house, tiny closets) and I dislike freestanding wardrobes (had them as a kid and didn’t like the space the took up.

Living Room



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