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A Day in Amsterdam

I don’t need much to be happy. Simple clothes to wear, a cup of coffee in my hand and time to wander. I had all that, and a new city to explore. Amsterdam, you have my heart.


Morocco 5: Chaoen & Rif Mountains & Oued Laou

Brian and John were in full-on allergy mode, two months earlier than their Canadian bodies were prepared for, so before leaving Fes, I bought them some Arabic Aerius that made them both either high, or fall asleep. Gaby and I were fine, so we stayed alert in the car and head for Chefchaouen, the Blue City. The first view of…   …read the rest.


Morocco Part 4: Todra Gorge to Fes

We rammed a lot into 3 or 4 days. Two massive driving days back to back from the Sahara Desert to the Todra Gorge being one of the crazier days. And then leaving Todra Gorge, we made our long and windy – and climb-y way to Fes. By the time we left the desert I was feeling acclimatized to my…   …read the rest.


Morocco Part 3: The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert. Where do I even start? Maybe with the offroading trip from M’Hamid to the campsite in the Sahara? Or maybe with our drive through a sandstorm en route to M’Hamid that has us almost offroading in our rental Creta. Or maybe with the awkward encounter with a man offering to drive us into camp — which was…   …read the rest.


Morocco Part 2: Marrakech & Riad Bledna

Marrakech was sort of what I expected, sort of not. I thought we’d be run off our feet by shopkeepers pushing goods on us and that I’d get caught in haggling wars for hours. It was a lot calmer than that and for that I was grateful. Most people were kind and inviting, asking us to come in and look…   …read the rest.


Morocco Part 1: Casablanca to Marrakech

In late April, my husband Brian and I, joined by our friends John and Gabrielle, set out on a 15-day trip to Morocco. Morocco wasn’t on my list of next places to visit, but it came up during our Skype brainstorming chat late last year when deciding where to go on our “Couple’s Adventure Trip.” My last two trips were…   …read the rest.


Maui in Eight Days

Our goal was to relax, swim, explore and take photos. Brian wanted to surf, I wanted to read, we both wanted to swim in the ocean and lay around on the beach. We had eight days to do just that, and here’s how we spent them. Day One (March 21) After a long journey from YYZ-YVR, a five hour layover, and then…   …read the rest.

Kalalau Beach

Hiking the Kalalau Trail in Kauai, Hawaii

Our Hike on the Kalalau Trail: 22 miles, 2 days, March 30 & 31st 2016 It must first be said, that a two-day backpacking trip in the middle of our Hawaiian getaway was not my idea. But it must also be said, that Brian has never steered me wrong on our trips. When he proposed this backpacking trip back in January,…   …read the rest.

kalalau trail, coastal, ocean

23 Days in Hawaii, BC & Ontario (In Photos)

Hawaii. I don’t remember when it got tossed into the mix, but I’m glad it did. We’d been considering Australia or New Zealand for our next trip – we wanted to go somewhere warm and tropical; somewhere we’d never been together before; somewhere that would be the opposite of Newfoundland in the winter. Also, three of my closest friends were expecting…   …read the rest.

laundry, penticton

Laundry Day in Penticton, BC

On the road just eight days and it’s time to do laundry already. I have a small orange suitcase that fits so little, I’m astounded I have enough clothing to get me through even eight days. Somehow I had what I needed for California, and also for chilly Penticton, BC where I am right now. This morning, Caroline and I…   …read the rest.

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