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Maui in Eight Days

Our goal was to relax, swim, explore and take photos. Brian wanted to surf, I wanted to read, we both wanted to swim in the ocean and lay around on the beach. We had eight days to do just that, and here’s how we spent them. Day One (March 21) After a long journey from YYZ-YVR, a five hour layover, and then…   …read the rest.

Kalalau Beach

Hiking the Kalalau Trail in Kauai, Hawaii

Our Hike on the Kalalau Trail: 22 miles, 2 days, March 30 & 31st 2016 It must first be said, that a two-day backpacking trip in the middle of our Hawaiian getaway was not my idea. But it must also be said, that Brian has never steered me wrong on our trips. When he proposed this backpacking trip back in January,…   …read the rest.

kalalau trail, coastal, ocean

23 Days in Hawaii, BC & Ontario (In Photos)

Hawaii. I don’t remember when it got tossed into the mix, but I’m glad it did. We’d been considering Australia or New Zealand for our next trip – we wanted to go somewhere warm and tropical; somewhere we’d never been together before; somewhere that would be the opposite of Newfoundland in the winter. Also, three of my closest friends were expecting…   …read the rest.

laundry, penticton

Laundry Day in Penticton, BC

On the road just eight days and it’s time to do laundry already. I have a small orange suitcase that fits so little, I’m astounded I have enough clothing to get me through even eight days. Somehow I had what I needed for California, and also for chilly Penticton, BC where I am right now. This morning, Caroline and I…   …read the rest.

Airports and Kindness

I had a two hour layover in Denver, Colorado tonight. I was in line to get a healthy drink from Jamba Juice, when the man in front of me in line asked me what I wanted to drink. I asked him what was going on, and he said he received a voucher from the airline that delayed his flight, and…   …read the rest.

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