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Deck Project 2017

We moved in four years ago, almost exactly, and have made significant progress on making the inside of our home liveable, loveable and homey. The Newfoundland climate is wet year round and our summer season short. Brian and I are lovers of travel, camping and hiking, so we’ve been busying ourselves with anything other than outdoor home projects. But with…   …read the rest.


My Morning Routine

I posed this question to my friends and family recently and told them I would share my morning routine with them too.  It’s July 12, 2017 and this is how my mornings at home generally go: ★ What is your morning routine? I wake up first with Brian’s alarm at 4:45am. I try to go back to sleep until 7 or 8am…   …read the rest.


My Home Office

When I’m not operating out of a minivan or from a hotel room, I am happily working away in my home office. It’s mine all mine: the only space I don’t share with anyone. This is where I write, where I wrestle with receipts, where I practise piano, ukulele, banjo and guitar. This is where I draw and paint; where…   …read the rest.


Best Band Wagon I’ve Ever Joined: Whole 30

I first learned about the Whole 30 Program in 2015 when my cousin Kelly tagged some Instagram photos with the hashtag Whole 30. I started investigating in December 2015 and then in February 2016, 30 days ago, I jumped on board. Why Did I Do It? After my mom died in June, I let everything slide. I started making bad food…   …read the rest.

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My Whole 30 Grocery List

Weekly Grocery List (Note: I was cooking for two people for every dinner with the hope/expectation of leftovers for lunches)  Produce: Fruits and Veggies Sweet Potatoes (6) Potatoes (1 bag) Peppers (1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Orange) Carrots (2 bags) Cauliflower (2 heads) Broccoli (2 heads) Onions (1 bag) Garlic (1) Asparagus (1 bunch) Brussels Sprouts (18-30) Butternut Squash (1)…   …read the rest.

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On this first day of a new year

With no particular agenda, I awoke today, happy, rested and with desire for coffee and for peace. I want to write, to draw, to walk through the foot of snow that fell through the night. I want to clean and decorate, and throw away and tidy. I want to hug, and laze, and read and fill our bellies with homemade…   …read the rest.


Closet Makeover

Here is what the walk-in closet has more or less looked like for the last 18 months: And this is what it looks like now: I am unbelievably proud of my husband. He took to this project like a natural. We’re a good team. I’m there for moral and foodal support. I stay with him the whole time he’s building,…   …read the rest.

Living Room

January Cure Over!

Reaping the Rewards My house feels great. It’s clean, it’s tidy… I unearthed so much forgotten and unnecessary junk and tossed it away – it feels wonderful. We finally bought a new bed that’s being delivered this week so our spare room will have an actual bed in it! In about three weeks my bandmates and best friends are playing a show…   …read the rest.

blue carpet

January Cure 2015 – Part One

My January Cure: In Fits and Spurts  I’ve just left home for nine days which means I’ll have to get creative if I want to finish the whole “Cure” in the allotted timeframe. A big part of why I like doing the “Cure” every January is because I’m following someone else’s plan to improve my home. I’m not the one…   …read the rest.

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Sweet, Fleeting Time

I’ve been home in St. John’s just 14 days, and I’m already back at the airport getting ready for a flight to Toronto. It’s the life I chose, and a life I love, but it doesn’t make leaving home any easier. I had a productive two weeks at home. I got caught up on sleep, I made a lot of…   …read the rest.

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